Grease Brothers

If it aint greasy...then it aint

Grease Trap Cleaning

When you enter into a maintenance contract with Grease Brothers, we visit your restaurant or kitchen at least once per month to complete an inspection of your grease traps. Once we notice the FOG depth is thicker than two inches, we will recommend a cleaning of your grease trap.

Exhaust Hood 
Chimney Cleaning

Did you know: Half of all restaurant fires start 
in the kitchen?

When we come into your restaurant to clean your exhaust hood we bring all of our own protective gear so that it does not damage your grills. Our routine service starts at the chimney and ends in the kitchen leaving your exhaust hoods and duct work in optimal condition.

Why do you need to have routine Maintenance and Exhaust Hood Cleaning?

• Reduce the possibility of a devastating fire.

• Assist in maintaining proper airflow in your kitchen.

• Reduce odors and excess smoke caused by
grease and oils.

• Provide a cooler work environment.

• Help maintain a positive air balance so the smell of
grease does not enter the dining room.

• Extend the life of your exhaust fan.

• Provide compliance with local fire codes and bylaws.


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